Why Choose us

There are many centres out there who provide similar services but we stand by our own recipe to ensure a complete learning experience for your child. Here are some of the areas where we will not compromise on our quality.

Tutors who practise what they preach

Our tutors are a group of unique individuals who are truly passionate about the subjects that they teach. They are constantly exploring and utilising interactive aids especially the digital platform to ensure maximum student participations and high degree of retention.

Our tutors are actively involved in the notes and assessment process. This ensures that they are always up to date with the latest development in the fast changing educational environment. Ultimate Performers tutors are key seminar speakers for the subject they teach.

To be an Ultimate Tutor, they must have

  • content knowledge of the subjects that they teach
  • understanding of the subject
  • communication skills
  • positive personality
  • passion for helping others succeed

Advanced Teaching Methodologies

Teaching the lessons and students’ retention of the information is an inexact science and for the uninformed, it is mostly a hit or miss affair. Here at Ultimate Performers, the latest technology in teaching ranging from accelerated learning to NLP are used extensively in the classroom to match the lessons presentation to your child’s learning and information processing methods. From the colour of the classroom walls to the music played in the background, everything is carefully selected to provide the environment to ensure a rich and effective lesson every single time. Nothing is left to chance in our classes.

Flexible Choices

You have the flexibility to choose the subjects and sessions that are most relevant to you, saving you valuable time and money.

Outstanding Results

Students on average will begin to see improvements in the understanding of the subjects after the first 3 months. Their progress will be carefully monitored and after every assessment, a progress report will be made available to you.

Smaller Classes

We are committed to your child’s academic achievement and overall progress. Our classes are limited to a maximum of 15 students to allow for a more personalised attention. No student is deprived of the tutor’s personal attention.

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