Faith Cho Hei Ling

I began having lessons with Mr. Brandon in 2019 and was recommended by my friend. In the beginning I just wanted to focus on improving grammar and writing. However, I needed an IELTS exam for college applications. Therefore, we started to prepare for IELTS instead. It was a great experience learning English with Mr. Brandon, because his classes are always interesting and flexible to my learning needs. Sometimes we will just talk about news, psychology or books, and I learnt so much more than English from those conversations. In the beginning, I thought we are just talking and doing nothing. However, it actually allows Mr Brandon to coach me and I have better understanding about myself.

Eventually, my application of vocabulary and English proficiency have been improved a lot. Other than that, I have gained so much confidence while learning English in Ultimate Performers, as the teachers always encourage and hope for the best for me. They will always guide and comfort their students when they come across problems in learning or even daily lives.

Faith Cho Hei Ling, Hong Kong
IELTS Band 7.5

Shawn Siew Chee Seng

Before I joined Ultimate Performers, I was a student with terrible English. I only noticed that I needed to improve my English when I started college. All assignments were in English and in order to continue my degree, I had to obtain a band 6.0 in IELTS. I was anxious as I did not even have a credit in SPM English, and the IELTS exam is tougher. I seriously doubted my ability to score the required band. My nightmare was overcome when my friend introduced “Ultimate Performers” to me.

The teachers were professional. The classes were interesting and I could absorb the lessons easily. The teachers always encouraged me to speak English, paid attention to the sentences I made, and watched English video clips that could help me to enhance my English proficiency. Since I had only 3 months to prepare for the IELTS exam, I opted for the one to one class. My teachers would analyse my strengths and weaknesses and helped me overcome my shortcomings in the shortest duration possible. We covered all the IELTS testing components, namely writing, reading, speaking and listening. She prepared lots of IELTS mock tests for me so I could perform naturally in the real exam.

In these 3 months, I had improved my English and I appreciate all the teachers in UP for their hard work. Without them, I would not have been able to further my education.

Shawn Siew Chee Seng
IELTS Band 6.0

Timothy Lim

Undertaking Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) at Ultimate Performers was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Prior to undertaking CAE, I thought my level of English was good (as I have gotten an A in my SPM). However, the moment I started joining CAE classes, I noticed the opposite – I struggled with daily conversations as I could not fully understand what others were saying, and it took me ages to speak a “grammatically correct” sentence as I had to think and construct the sentence in my head.

It did not take me long enough before I started to notice huge improvements in my level of English, thanks to Mr Brandon. Mr Brandon is very passionate about his teachings. Instead of just focusing on passing the exam, he did the opposite by teaching me to fully grasp the knowledge and essence of English. He is the first person who made me feel enthusiastic about learning English. I remembered us applying high-level sarcasm in our conversations, and it was an awesome experience! I did not realise how I had achieved the learning outcomes as it occurred so naturally to me.

Prior to the day of CAE examination, I cannot believe what Mr Brandon told me (and the rest of the class) in order to prepare – he just told us to take a good rest, as we would definitely ace the exam. He was right. On the day of the exam, I did not even have to think about searching for the right answers; everything just came out of my mind naturally. Of course, in the end I passed the exam!

Fast forward to today, I do not have any difficulties in application of English, regardless of academic or daily life. I am currently studying overseas, and having daily conversations with the locals and people from around the world are just like a walk in the park to me. Big thanks to Ultimate Performers and Mr Brandon!

Timothy Lim
Cambridge CAE


Hello, I am Finch, and I moved from Vietnam to Malaysia since 2017 for Grade 10 in Sunway International School. The feeling for the first time I studied abroad was nervous and exciting. In my head, I thought it would be fun and easy, I would make lots of friends from different countries.

At first, my English journey was tough. At that time, my English proficiency was at the beginner level. I was struggling at school about schoolwork, communication problems when meeting new friends.

Fortunately, Mr. Foo, the hostel master, noticed my struggle and helped me through my hard times. He introduced new friends to me so that I could apply English in my daily life.

In my English learning journey, there are two English teachers that I must mention – Mr. Brandon and Ms. Phyllis, who played really important roles in my 3 years of study in Malaysia. They were not just my teachers; they were also my mentors and “cheerleaders”. They were generous and supportive to me. They patiently led and pulled me up whenever my self-confidence went low.

Thank you, Mr. Brandon and Ms. Phyllis, for making my English journey enjoyable. This is one of the most precious memories that I’ve ever had in my life.


IELTS Results

Overall                         6.5

Listening                      6.5

Reading                       6.5

Writing                        6.0

Speaking                     6.0

Finch, Vietnam

Hsu Ming-Chen

Ms. Phyllis’s a very lovely person. She helped me on my problems in my schoolwork and she also taught me new spelling words, use of different tenses, and corrected my grammar mistakes.

Mr. Chew’s a knowledgeable person. He taught me a lot on my science topics and he also told me a lot more than the topic does. I am sometimes confused on my Math problems and he always uses another easier way to let me understand the problems. If the problems are too easy, he will always find other questions related to the topic for me to do so that I can do more exercises and understand the topic in depth.

I am very lucky to have great teachers who teach me lots of knowledge and I am still having tuition classes even though I am not in Australia now.

Hsu Ming-Chen, Taiwan

Hsu Ting-Wei

I had my tuition at Ultimate Performers for 2 years and I have learned a lot there. English is not my first language and I was not familiar with writing, speaking, and reading in English. However, teachers in schools are teaching in English, so that I must learn English to communicate with teachers and finish my assignments. Mr Brandon was my English teacher, he taught me a lot in English, such as the grammar, writing essays, reading articles, etc. Apart from what he has given me in class, I could also bring my assignments from school and ask him questions if I needed. Moreover, Mr Brandon has also helped me with preparing the OSSLT at school. He gave me a lot of past papers for me to practise and would give me feedback once I finished writing the essays. Thanks to Mr Brandon, I have passed my OSSLT successfully. In May 2019, I decided to take the IELTS test, because of certain reasons, I had to finish my test before August. The time for me to prepare the test was limited, but because of the practices and the feedback that Mr Brandon gave me, I got an IELTS grade that I was satisfied with. Even though I have moved to Australia, I still feel very thankful and lucky to have Mr Brandon as my English teacher.



IELTS Results

Overall                         7.5

Listening                     8.5

Reading                       7.5

Writing                        6.5

Speaking                     6.5

Hsu Ting-Wei, Taiwan

Baek Jong Eun

I am Baek Jong Eun from Korea. I took Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Mathematics and Mandarin classes here for IGCSEs. I am taking Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology classes for A-levels. The benefits I have obtained from the teachers here include methods to memorise terms, key words and tips to answer exam style questions. All classes are enjoyable and often make me feel more confident in school, as I’m always ahead than others. The environment of the centre is quiet so it is perfect for studying. The teachers are very responsive to my messages so when I have any questions I can ask anytime.

Baek Jong Eun, Korea