Hello, I am Finch, and I moved from Vietnam to Malaysia since 2017 for Grade 10 in Sunway International School. The feeling for the first time I studied abroad was nervous and exciting. In my head, I thought it would be fun and easy, I would make lots of friends from different countries.

At first, my English journey was tough. At that time, my English proficiency was at the beginner level. I was struggling at school about schoolwork, communication problems when meeting new friends.

Fortunately, Mr. Foo, the hostel master, noticed my struggle and helped me through my hard times. He introduced new friends to me so that I could apply English in my daily life.

In my English learning journey, there are two English teachers that I must mention – Mr. Brandon and Ms. Phyllis, who played really important roles in my 3 years of study in Malaysia. They were not just my teachers; they were also my mentors and “cheerleaders”. They were generous and supportive to me. They patiently led and pulled me up whenever my self-confidence went low.

Thank you, Mr. Brandon and Ms. Phyllis, for making my English journey enjoyable. This is one of the most precious memories that I’ve ever had in my life.


IELTS Results

Overall                         6.5

Listening                      6.5

Reading                       6.5

Writing                        6.0

Speaking                     6.0

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